Mermaid Art Raffle Giveaway

Hello everybody! Last month I’ve started a raffle giveaway. This giveaway is in celebration of my 500 followers on Instagram. It is my thank you to the people who are fans and support my artwork. It means a lot to me. The prize for this raffle, is an original mini mermaid illustration by me. The artwork is painted on 5″x7″ watercolor paper using watercolor pencils, paints and sepia ink pens.

Since this is my first time conducting a raffle giveaway it has been a fun learning experience for me. I’ve never been a big social media believer, but over time I’ve learned how to use it in order to promote my work and satisfy myself as an artist. As I continue to learn, the more I want to give back to the fans. I still have a very long way to go.

Follow me on my Instagram page at this link! www.instagram.com/dreampigment


Armando Elizondo

Professional graphic artist at Crystal Art Gallery and owner/ executive designer at Dream Pigment.
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