Art Print Gallery

On this page you will find some of the art pieces by Armando Elizondo. You can find more illustrations on Redbubble. Click the link below to be redirected!

Digital Paintings

A collection of beautiful digitally painted mermaids by Armando Elizondo using Adobe Photoshop.

sepia watercolor series

A collection of beautiful mermaid illustrations by Armando Elizondo using sepia watercolors, inks and white gouache.

Mermay 2018 art challenge

A series of 31 mermaid illustrations based on Tom Bancroft’s MerMay 2018 challenge list. All illustrations are created by Armando Elizondo using watercolor pencils and paint.

Mermonday 2018 art challenge

MerMonday is an on going series of watercolor mermaids based on Armando’s weekly art challenge. A new mermaid illustration is created each monday.

Coastal watercolor series

A traditional series of coastal sea life by Armando Elizondo using watercolors.

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